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Oy, how he sung!: Journeys in Jewish Choral Music

Mills Hall, UW-Madison School of Music, 455 N. Park Street


Sung by an array of UW-Madison’s choirs, this program of Jewish choral represents the migration of musicians and their art from Russia to the peripheries of the Jewish world at the start of the twentieth century. It features Yiddish folksongs by Helsinki-born Simon Parmet, who trained in St. Petersburg but subsequently migrated to Berlin, New York, and back to Helsinki; and sacred music from three parts of the Russian Empire––Rostov-on-Don, Odessa, and Warsaw––that ended up in Cape Town, South Africa, via the travels of two important but hitherto unknown cantor-composers. This program is the result of archival research by Simo Muir (Helsinki material) and Steve Muir (Cape Town material). A talk back will follow this event

Audiences at this event will be filmed. By attending this event, you consent to your being filmed as part of the audience and the footage being used for a research study (sponsored and conducted by the University of York, United Kingdom) including analysis by third party data analysis services. This footage will remain confidential, and your image will not be published or identified. If you do not wish to be filmed as part of the audience, the research team will seat you in an area of the auditorium which has no camera coverage. Please refer to notices at the event for further information.

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