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At The Edge of the World

Jewish Choral Music from Australia, South Africa & Finland

Courtesy of Finnish Jewish Archives/National Archives of Finland


Sydney Philharmonia Choirs’ Vox ensemble, Canberra’s Luminescence Chamber Singers and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music Chamber Choir present music from the peripheries of the Jewish world: Moses Pergament and Simon Pergament (Parmet) trained in St. Petersburg, later settling in Helsinki; Cantors Froim Spektor and Maurice Katzin travelled from Russia to Cape Town bearing hundreds of manuscripts; Berlin Jews Werner Baer and Theodor Schönberger became refugees in Australia; and Viennese conductor Georg Tintner found refuge in New Zealand. Also featuring new pieces inspired by Nelly Sachs’s poetry, composed by SCM composers Josephine Gibson, Katrina Kovacs and Vicki Tran.


Organ prelude, Siegfried Würzburger: Passacaglia und Fuge über ‘Kol Nidre’
Maurice Katzin: Kaddish  
David Nowakowsky: Elohenu (V’taher libeinu) [Our God (Purify our hearts)] 
Josef Gottbeter: Mogen avos [Shield to our Fathers] 
Katrina Kovacs: Dieses Land [This Land] (from Flügel der Prophetie, a 1948 poetry cycle by Nelly Sachs) 
Organ interlude: Freisinger, Prelude
Moses Pergament (1893-1977), A Vinterlid (A winter song) Words by Avrom Reyzen (1876-1953)
Simon Parmet: (1897-1969), Undzer yidish gezang (Our Jewish song) Words by Simon Parmet, Yiddish translation by Noach Oberman (1874-1962)
Arr. H. A. Peter: (1904-1977), Österreichisches Volkslied (Austrian folk song) Words trad.  
Georg Tintner: Three Partsongs 
Organ interlude: Walter Wurzburger, Passacaglia
Josef Gottbeter/Froim Spektor: Min hammeitzar korosi yoh [I called upon the Lord in distress], 
Werner Baer: Yih’yu L’ratzon (Let the Words), Theodor Schönberger Let the Words  
Werner Baer: Ahavat Olam (Eternal Love) 
Josephine Gibson: Immer noch Mitternach auf diesem Stern (from Flügel der Prophetie, a cycle of Nelly Sachs)
Organ interlude: Walter Wurzburger, Another Uwe Radok Fugue on a Familiar Subject
Victoria Pham: Mutterwasser (Vorspruch zu Abram im Salz; from Flügel der Prophetie, a cycle of Nelly Sachs)
Werner Baer: Psalm VIII
Werner Baer: Labrit Habeit



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